Mgr. art. Peter Harum

1978, Bratislava

Graduated film editing at the Film and Television Faculty of VŠMU. For 4 years he had been an external pedagogue in film editing at the Mass Media Faculty of PEVŠ.
He works as an editor of documentaries and feature films and at the same time as a director, DOP and editor of commercial and non commercial audiovisual production. He is also experienced in grading, animation and VFX. He cooperates as a consultant of technological sullutions on several projets as well.

Among his most successful films belongs: the authors documentary Vladkos way (Literary Fund Prize for artistic achievement in the category of documentary film), The Gypsy Vote (special recognition for extraordinarily high-quality film editing, the Silver Eye Prize 2012), So Far, So Near (national nomination for EFA, Igric price for documentary film, National film prize Slnko v sieti), Stanko (Nomination for National film prize Slnko v sieti in the category The best editing).

Peter Harum

Selected filmography

2020   -   Fantastic Middle Ages

Fantastic Middle Ages
DIRECTOR:  Erik Praus
PRODUCER: Memory films s.r.o., RTVS
TV film, Documentary   |  52 min.   |   SK   |  2020
ROLE: editor, colourist

2019   -   Paradise on Earth

Paradise on Earth
DIRECTOR:  Jaro Vojtek
Documentary   |  78 min.   |   SK   |  2019
ROLE: editor
2020  -  MFF Cinematik - Mayor of Piešťany Awarded
2020  -  49.Lubuskie Lato Filmowe

2019   -   The Calling

The Calling
DIRECTOR:  Erik Praus
PRODUCER: Filmpark
Documentary   |  70 min.   |   SK   |  2019
ROLE: editor, colourist
2019  -  MFF Cinematik - Mayor of Piešťany Awarded
2020  -  21th MFF Etnofilm Čadca 2020

2017   -   Flooded

DIRECTOR:  Soňa G. Luther
PRODUCER: AH production s.r.o., RTVS, SFU
Documentary   |  50 min.   |   SK   |  2017
ROLE: editor, colourist, animation, vfx
2018  -  documentary film award at 16th Dhaka International Film Festival

2016   -   Parlika

DIRECTOR:  Sahraa Karimi
PRODUCER: AH production s.r.o.
Documentary   |  50 min.   |   SK   |  2016
ROLE: editor, colourist

2015   -   STANKO

DIRECTOR:  Rasťo Boroš
PRODUCER: AH production s.r.o.
Fiction   |  79 min.   |   SK   |  2015
ROLE: editor, colourist
2017  -  Nominácia za najlepší filmový strih na národnú filmovú cenu Slnko v sieti za rok 2016

2013   -   Miners’ Bread

Miners’ Bread
DIRECTOR:  Roman Fábian
PRODUCER: RTVS Positive film
Documentary   |  60 min.   |   SK   |  2013
ROLE: editor, colourist

2012   -   I am a miner, who is more..

I am a miner, who is more..
DIRECTOR:  Roman Fábian
PRODUCER: VŠMU, AH production s.r.o.
Fiction   |  51 min.   |   SK   |  2012
ROLE: editor, colourist

2012   -   The Gypsy Vote

The Gypsy Vote
DIRECTOR:  Jaro Vojtek
PRODUCER: Mandala Pictures, Fog´n´ Desire Films
Documentary   |  72 min.   |  2012
ROLE: editor
2012  -  Zvláštne uznanie za mimoriadne kvalitnú strihovú zložku filmu „Cigáni idú do volieb“ – ocenenie Silver Eye 2012 v rámci medzinárodného festivalu Ji.hlava

2010   -   Veronika Vadovičová

Veronika Vadovičová
DIRECTOR:  Jaro Vojtek
Documentary   |  25 min.   |   SK   |  2010
ROLE: editor

2010   -   Vladkova cesta

Vladkova cesta
DIRECTOR:  Peter Harum
PRODUCER: VŠMU, AH production s.r.o.
Documentary   |  25 min.   |   SK   |  2010
ROLE: editor, director, script writer, DOP
2010  -  Cena Literárneho fondu za najlepší tvorivý výkon v dokumentárnom filme – Peter Harum za scenár filmu Vladkova cesta – 14. festival študentských filmov ÁČKO Bratislava

2009   -   Nice Days

Nice Days
DIRECTOR:  Daniel Zemančík
Documentary   |  15 min.   |   SK   |  2009
ROLE: editor, colourist

2007   -   Dostať šancu

Dostať šancu
DIRECTOR:  Marek Kuboš, Peter Harum
Documentary   |  30 min.   |   SK   |  2007
ROLE: editor, director

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