Mgr.art. Michal Kondrla, ArtD.

1986, Bratislava     ,

Since finishing his postgraduate studies of film art and multimedia at The Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava in 2015, he continues teaching at the editing department. As an assistant lecturer he helps co-organizing international workshop for future editors, European Editing Masterclass. As a freelance director cooperated on TV documentaries and shows.
He works as a freelance editor of documentaries, fiction films and commercials. His recent work includes editing of documentary All My Children. Nowadays he’s working on development of his documentary debut “Reach For The Sky” about slovak inventor of a flying car.

Michal Kondrla

Selected filmography

2016   -   Music for 5 engineers

Music for 5 engineers
DIRECTOR:  P.Smejkal, P.Zakuťanský
Documentary   |  26 min.   |   SR   |  2016
ROLE: editor

2014   -   Superheroes

DIRECTOR:  P.Begányi
PRODUCER: Piknik Pictures
TV series   |  26 min.   |   SR   |  2014
ROLE: editor, second unit director

2013   -   All My Children

All My Children
PRODUCER: Media Film
Documentary   |  90 min.   |  2013
ROLE: editing cooperation

2013   -   Kriminálka staré mesto II.

Kriminálka staré mesto II.
DIRECTOR:  J.Sebechlebský
PRODUCER: Trigon Production
TV series   |  54 min.   |  2013
ROLE: editor, second unit director

2013   -   Men with Balls

Men with Balls
DIRECTOR:  Kristóf Kovács
PRODUCER: Laokoon Ltd.
Documentary   |  52 min.   |   HU   |  2013
ROLE: editor of TV version

2012   -   Exhibits or Stories from the Castle

Exhibits or Stories from the Castle
DIRECTOR:  Palo Korec
Documentary   |  70 min.   |   SR   |  2012
ROLE: editor

2010   -   Autopsy

DIRECTOR:  M. Čengel-Solčanská
Fiction   |  80 min.   |   SR   |  2010
ROLE: editor

2010   -   Orest z rodu čarodejníkov

Orest z rodu čarodejníkov
DIRECTOR:  Braňo Mišík
Fairy tale, TV film   |  94 min.   |   SR   |  2010
ROLE: editor

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7. April 2017